Karnataka State Mental Health Authority

Our community need legislation, mainly to protect the weak and vulnerable in the society .This is to regulate Human Behavior so that people with Mental illness who are disabled can live freely and enjoy their Human Rights'

Mental Health Care Act-2017 is an Act to provide for mental health care and services for persons with Mental illness and promote their rights. It was Gazetted on 07/04/2017 by government of India. Every state government by notification has to establish an authority to be known as state mental Health Authority as per section 45 of the mental health care act 2017. It will have ex-officio and other Members as per section 46 of the act.

Functions of the authority as per section 55. 

The State Authority shall have following functions––

(a) Register all mental health establishments in the State except those referred to in section 43 and maintain and publish (including online on the internet) a register of such establishments.
(b) Develop quality and service provision norms for different types of mental health establishments in the State.
(c) Supervise all mental health establishments in the State and receive complaints about deficiencies in provision of services.
(d) Register clinical psychologists, mental health nurses and psychiatric social workers in the State to work as mental health professionals, and publish the list of such registered mental health professionals in such manner as may be specified by regulations by the State Authority;
(e) Train all relevant persons including law enforcement officials, mental health professionals and other health professionals about the provisions and implementation of this Act;
(f) discharge such other functions with respect to matters relating to mental health as the State Government may decide.